Cyber Security Awareness – Quick Video Tips

This week is Cyber Security Awareness Week in Exeter run by Bluegrass Consultancy.

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The video are my thoughts on an enlightening series of seminars on Cyber Security. The programme is here.

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Bluegrass have developed a fantastic resource with lots of info for businesses. Please visit:

My three key takeaways  for SMEs from this morning:

PICNIC – Problem in Chair, Not In Computer

It;s the user that the weakest link in the security chain – Maky sure you train yourselves 7 staff to be aware of the risks.

Backup – Backup – Backup

Did I mention Back Ups? – Make sure you back up your data & test them regularly.

Use Strong Passwords

Some guidance on the Cyber security site here

An interesting tip from this morning is to use the “£” in your passwords as 99% of the keyboards in the world don’t have it! Thus helping reduce the probability of successful attacks from certain countries.

If you need further advice please get in touch with your IT Dept/Supplier or get in touch with me or