Reading about a Phishing email that knows your address

///Reading about a Phishing email that knows your address

Beware of clicking on anything that you weren’t expecting. A new phishing scam is on the loose as reported by the BBC:

BBC Radio 4’s team investigate a new phishing scam which entices users to click on malware by claiming they owe money to UK firms.

Source: Phishing email that knows your address – BBC News

According to a recent infographic I came across recently phishing is the No.1 popular hacking method



How do you protect yourself from phishing?

Symantec the developers of Norton Antivirus have some good tips on protecting yourself:

Basically boils down to:

  • Think first! Don’t panic.
  • If it’s too good to be true don’t click it.
  • If you didn’t expect it don’t click it.
  • Don’t click on attachments (especially .zip files or .exe files)
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