Consiliosa’s core purpose is to help a business grow through the effective use of technology, digital & web.

We believe in empowering business change through knowledge. With knowledge, businesses can engage technology & web suppliers with confidence

Vince McConville has been advising businesses, charities & social enterprises across the South West for the past 18 years. Helping them align their businesses strategy with how to grow and be more efficient by using technology, digital & web.

Understanding the core business objectives and the culture within a business is key to the successful implementation of technology & digital solutions.

Vince is passionate in believing that with the right mindset and a bit of planning any company can benefit from the current opportunities  Broadband Connectivity, the Cloud, Business Software Solutions & the web can offer.

To this end, he has taken up a 12 month role as Digital Futures Sector Lead with the Heart of the South West LEP.

Who we have worked with

Consiliosa has worked with hundreds of business across the South West providing advice, coaching, training & support to Start-Ups, Sole Traders, Micro Businesses, Small & Medium Sized Businesses.

Many of the businesses that Consiliosa has worked with have received funding through the various Government Business Initiatives in operation throughout the South West.

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