As a bloke I don’t use Pinterest as much as my wife and daughter who seem to be on it constantly looking for ideas for things to make or things to buy. (My wallet is a lot lighter as a result!). By far the primary demographic of Pinterest users is female. (See Guide) That is not to say that fellas can’t find it useful.

I find find it quite useful for Infographics on top tips for marketing & social media (as in the link to the guide above, but also for cool gadgets, places to visit & things to do in the South

However (1), the beauty of Social Media & Channels like Pinterest can mean that Small Businesses (SME’s) can compete with larger organisations when is come to customer engagement & bright ideas.

I came across this great post in one of my favourite blogs that highlighted Five small businesses with brilliant Pinterest pages | Econsultancy

Source: Five small businesses with brilliant Pinterest pages | Econsultancy

See how other businesses use the platform and put your own slant on it.

Note (1) – Starting a sentence with “However” apparently is not good grammar according to Michael Gove. Then again I’m from Northern Ireland & end every sentence with “So” 😉