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Thanks for listening to my presentation at the Crunchy Breakfast. I hope you found it useful.

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Get a grip of your Tech with a Business Technology Review

“A recent review helped a business save nearly £6,000 per year.”


Business Technology Review

  • FROM
  • £200 (no VAT)
  • Initial Biz Tech Questionaire
  • Review Call/Visit
  • Recommendations Summary & Follow Up Call

If you are interested in a Business Technology Review get in touch on the from below:

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    Business Technology Review

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    Or give Vince a call on 07812 562679

    Effective use of technology can help your business grow. Quite often businesses have Technology in their businesses that they don’t use to the maximum potential or is woefully out of date.

    With developments in technology moving so fast it is hard for business owners to keep up – From Broadband to cloud computing, from disaster recovery to CRM, from Digital Marketing to Email Marketing. There is so much going on its hard to know where to start.

    This is where the Business Technology Review helps. Focusing on your Business Objectives, looking at what technology you currently have in place and how it can be better utilised more effectively.

    Looking at what new developments in Technology can help your business and what is the right fit.

    Giving you advice and  guidance on what to buy & how to buy it to make sure you can get the most of your technology supplier.

    Depending on the business needs the review can focus on areas such as:

    • Communications – Email & Phone Systems (VOIP)
    • File Storage, Servers, Cloud Storage/computing, Disaster Recovery/Back Ups
    • Business Systems – Accounting, Business Management, Productivity, Manufacturing, collaboration. flexible/remote working
    • Sales & Marketing – CRM, Email Marketing, Website

    The review process:

    1. I will send a brief questionnaire to get some background information on the business
    2. Agree a time for review call/visit which will delve deeper in to the business based on the questionnaire. (Call lasts between 60-90mins)
    3. Follow up Review Report sent with recommendations and further guidance and a short follow up call to answer questions.

    Business Technology Review & Digital Web Review

    Business Technology & Digital Web Review

    £299 (no VAT)

    Why not combine a Business Technology Review with a Full Digital Web Review for only £299.